Pune News | This year, dhol tasha troupes will perform at three chowks for 10 minutes; Police to maintain strict bandobast on immersion routes


Pune: Policenama online – Pune News | Various public Ganesh mandals have started making preparations for the immersion and coordination has been done between Ganesh mandals and dhol tasha troupes regarding the latter’s numbers and their performance. Accordingly, devotees will be able to enjoy dhol tasha performance at three chowks. Each troupe will have 50 dhol players and 15 tasha players. (Pune News)

There is an atmosphere of happiness during the Ganeshotsav. People are thronging various public Ganesh mandals to view the decorations along with seeking blessings of the Bappa after the immersion of Ganesh and Gauri idols has been completed. Puneites thronged various Ganesh mandals till 2.30/3 am on the weekend. The immersion will be held on September 28 (Thursday) and the police administration has started making preparations for it.

Every year, other mandals used to join the immersion procession after the processions of the revered Ganpati mandals started. This used to take a lot of time leading to a delay in the procession. This year, various plans have been made to reduce this time. The mandals have informed the police that dhol tasha will be played for 10 minutes during the immersion procession at three chowks.

It has been decided to carry out a survey by the police and the civic administration and solve problems which arise during the immersion. The police have decided to install watch towers and maintain bandobast on the immersion routes. Meanwhile, some mandals had issued an appeal that they should be included in the immersion procession as early as possible. Accordingly, some decisions have been taken after coordination between the mandals and dhol tasha troupes.

After the immersion procession begins, dhol tasha will be played with limited participants at Belbaug Chowk, Seva Sadan Chowk and Tilak Chowk for 10 minutes. At this time, there will be 50 dhol players and 15 tasha players.

DCP Sandip Singh Gill said, “On the day of the immersion, there will be a tight bandobast on the route. From the beginning, many issues have been discussed between Ganesh mandals and dhol tasha troupes. Zone 1 of the Deputy Police Commissioner’s office has appointed special squads. I am confident that the immersion procession will be held in a joyful atmosphere and will conclude on time due to the coordination between Ganesh mandals, dhol tasha troupes and the police administration.”

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