Pune News | Tourist from Hyderabad swept away in Kalu waterfall; Search operation underway

Pune: Policenama online  – Pune News | A tourist from Hyderabad was swept away in the waterfall of Kalu river which flows in Murbad taluka. Some tourists from Hyderabad had gone for a picnic at the Kalu waterfall which flows near Thithbi village in Murbad taluka. One of the youths was swept away by the flow of water and he could not be located till Wednesday morning and rain and thick fog is creating a hindrance in the rescue work. (Pune News)

The tourist has been identified as Abhishek Ravalkar (29), a resident of Unty, Hyderabad. Four tourists from Hyderabad had gone for a picnic at the Khireshwar area in Junnar taluka and proceeded to the site of Kalu waterfall which flows in Murbad taluka, when the incident took place.

The Kalu river originates at Khireshwar and Harishchandragad area in Junnar taluka and flows in Murbad taluka. However, when the water falls from Junnar taluka into Murbad taluka, it is an enchanting sight and tourists always visit the spot. The Kalu waterfall flows in five stages.

Tourists and trekkers throng the area and photos are famous on social media. Hence, youths from all over the country frequent the area. To approach the spot of Kalu waterfall, the entry is through Thithbi village in Murbad taluka.

After going ahead, tourists cross Kalu river. Some of them use the ropeway by paying charges. However, some tourists cross the river on their own. The tourists from Hyderabad tried to cross the river on their own and two of them lost their footing and started being swept away. One of them was saved by the locals.

However, a youth was swept away. Further ahead, the Kalu river takes a deep dive and the youth has been swept away by the force of the water. After they were informed, Junnar Rescue Team’s Shantaram Bhamne and others and Thane rescue team’s Deepak Vishe and others started a search operation to locate the tourist but it was stopped at sunset. The search operation began again on Wednesday.

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