Pune News : Waste water containing chemicals released by companies in lake near Pune-Solapur highway; Thousands of fish die


KURKUMBH: Policenama online  – Pune News | Thousands of fish died after the chemicals released by some companies in the Kurkumbh industrial area in Daund taluka flowed into the lake at Malad located four kilometres away near the Pune-Solapur highway. Since cranes and other birds have arrived in large numbers to eat the fish, this is posing a risk to these birds. (Pune News)

Local farmers have demanded that the polluted water should not be released into the lake and action should be taken against erring firms. It has been raining in Kurkumbh area for a few days and some companies have released waste water full of chemicals in the area without treating it.
The polluted water is flowing into the lake at Malad near the Pune-Solapur highway which has led to deaths of thousands of fish.

Foul odour is emanating from the lake and local villagers are suffering due to this. Various birds like cranes and vultures are gathering in large numbers to eat the fish. The birds face a threat to their life if they eat fish which have died due to chemicals. If pet animals go to the lake to drink water, their life will be in danger.
Hence, local villages and farmers should ensure that their pet animals don’t drink water from the lake.

Till four days ago, fish from the lake were caught and were sold in nearby markets. Local villagers had complained to MP Supriya Sule in a meeting held at Cipla office on September 25, 2023 that the companies in the industrial area were releasing waste water which contained harmful chemicals and no action was being taken against them.

When Sule had asked MPCB officials about this, they had replied that the companies had reduced release of waste water full of chemicals, in a significant manner. However, villagers were upset with this answer. After the death of thousands of fish in the Malad lake, the claims of MPCB officials have proved false.

Local farmers and villagers are demanding that waste water containing chemicals should not be released and strict action should be taken against erring companies. MPCB officials could not be contacted.

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