Pune News | Worrying Water Levels: Dams in Bhor Taluka Face Severe Rainfall Deficit


Bhor : Pune News | The Bhor taluka in Maharashtra is facing a significant rainfall deficit this year, leading to concerns about water storage in the dams and potential damage to crops. With the month of July already halfway through, the region has not received adequate rainfall, resulting in a 50 percent decrease compared to last year.


The water storage in the Bhatghar dam and Neera-Deoghar dams, two prominent reservoirs in the taluka, has been severely affected. Last year, by July 14th, Bhatghar dam had 42 percent water storage, while Neera-Deoghar dam had 36 percent. However, this year, these figures have dropped to 23 percent and 27 percent, respectively. The capacity of the Bhatghar dam is 23.74 tmc, but it currently holds only 5.8 tmc of water.


The Neera-Deoghar dam, with a capacity of 11.91 TMC, has a mere 3 TMC of water remaining. Comparing the rainfall data, it is evident that the area around Bhatghar dam received 440 millimeters of rain last year, but this year’s precipitation stands at only 169 mm. Similarly, the Neera-Deoghar dam area experienced 866 mm of rainfall last year, which has decreased to 576 mm this year.


The impact of this rainfall deficit is already being felt in the agricultural sector. Kharif crops were sown with the expectation of adequate rainfall, but the precipitation stopped prematurely. As a result, the rice plants have started turning yellow, and there is growing concern about potential damage to other crops such as soybean and groundnut.


Farmers and residents of Bhor taluka are anxiously waiting for rainfall to replenish the water storage in the dams and revive their crops. The current situation highlights the vulnerability of agriculture to erratic weather patterns and underscores the importance of timely and sufficient rainfall for the region’s livelihoods and food security.


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