Pune: ‘One Click, One Vote Can Change the World Creators Meet’ Received Overwhelming Response; Punit Balan Appealed Content Creators to Raise Awareness About Voting (Videos)


Pune: An informed voter has the power to either form a government or to change it. Therefore, in order to increase the voter’s percentage primarily in Pune city and subsequently in Maharashtra. Punit Balan, the chairman of Punit Balan Group, appealed to all the content creators to participate in the development of the country by creating awareness about the election and voting among the people and encouraging more people to vote in the coming election.

To create awareness amongst people regarding the election, Punit Balan organised a ‘One Click, One Vote Can Change the World Creators Meet’ in Pune. He was addressing to the cities’ content creators today. To this meet, content creators of the city gave a huge response and participated in large numbers, along with Mahayuti’s Pune candidate Murlidhar Mohol, writer, director, actor Pravin Tarde, and many other dignitaries.

In today’s high-tech world, social media has a commanding influence on reaching out to people in a short time and conveying our message to them within no time. Therefore, the responsibility of using this platform in a good manner becomes our responsibility. Emphasising the same, Punit Balan said, “Content creators need to spread awareness about the election and voting among people through social media.”

“In the current election atmosphere, if people are made aware of voting, the voting rate will increase, and through this voting process, they can also become partners in the country’s development,” he added. Punit Balan further appealed to all the citizens to come out in large numbers on the day of voting and fulfil their national duty by voting in spite of sitting back at home.

Speaking on the occasion, Mahayuti candidate Murlidhar Mohol said, “We can communicate with many people through social media. Their problems can be understood, and remedial measures can be taken. Therefore, one can do more effective work as a social worker by effectively using these social media platforms.”

Famous writer-director-actor Mr. Pravin Tarde said that he will participate with content creators to raise awareness. He said, “The role of content creators is very important to deliver the film to people these days. Bringing smiles to people’s faces in just a few seconds of content is a difficult task. But content creators can easily do this with their talent and observation power. If they do similar work to create awareness about voting, there is no doubt that it will be a huge service to the nation.”

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