Pune: Person cheat a man of Rs 17 lakh under the name of Bitcoin transaction


Pune: Complaint filed against two who cheated a person of Rs 17 lakh 51 thousand. The two accused lured a person into buying a bitcoin with a promise to give a loan of Rs 5 crore for business growth and later sold the bitcoin. Swargate Police have registered a case against Hitesh Bulde (resident of Ahmedabad) and Jignesh Soni.

Suraj Yaduraj Suryavanshi (age 45, resident of Janwadi) has lodged a complaint in this regard a Swargate Police station. Suryavanshi has a garment business named H. S. Garments in Kothrud. His friend Nagnath Parkale (resident of Kothrud) is a builder. Both needed money to grow their business.

His acquaintance Jignesh Soni fixed a meeting with Histesh Bulde at Natraj Hotel in Swargate. He told them that if they want a loan of Rs 5 crore each, they will have to show bitcoin purchase transactions. The two then downloaded a mobile application for bitcoin transactions from him. They then started trading Bitcoin.

One day Hitesh called Suryavanshi and said that his 1 bitcoin transaction was complete. But since Parkale could not complete his bitcoin transaction due to fewer funds in the account, Hitesh suggested Suryavanshi to send money to Parkale’s account. On this, Suryavanshi gave an OTP number a received on his phone. After this, Rs 10 lakh 16,911 were transferred to Parkale’s account.

On the intention to transact Suryavanshi’s money back from Parkale’s account, Hitesh took another OTP from Parkale. Upon this, Rs 7 lakh 34,351 from Parkale’s account and Surayavanshi’s money, that is a total of Rs 17 lakh 51,262 were deposited into a third unknown account.

Suryavanshi then repeatedly asked for a refund. He even went to Ahmedabad and asked him to pay his money back but Hitesh refused. Eventually, Suryavanshi lodged a complaint with the police.

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