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Pune PMC | Lack of Momentum: Pune's Care Policy for Senior Citizens Stuck on Paper

Pune PMC | Lack of Momentum: Pune’s Care Policy for Senior Citizens Stuck on Paper

Pune : Pune PMC | Pune’s First Geriatric Care Policy Yet to Be Implemented In November, the Municipal Corporation developed the first-ever “geriatric care” policy aimed at addressing the needs of senior citizens. The policy encompassed provisions for free healthcare, counseling, legal advice, physiotherapy, and more. However, despite its formulation in consultation with various departments, including the police administration, health department, legal, and social welfare department, the policy has yet to gain momentum. These departments had provided their recommendations to streamline the process of accessing facilities for senior citizens and to raise awareness about their rights.

The policy encompasses healthcare provisions for all senior citizens with urban-poor scheme cards, offering free dialysis services and a one-window scheme for treatment, particularly targeting seniors living in slums or homeless situations. It also includes provisions for the treatment of common ailments such as diabetes, high blood pressure, and heart-related diseases.

In addition to healthcare, the policy aims to establish a one-window scheme for legal advice and psychological counseling at various social welfare centers, enhancing overall well-being. Efforts were planned to raise awareness among senior citizens about government schemes. Unfortunately, with the policy remaining on paper, it seems to be just an idea rather than a fully implemented initiative.

“Various departments were invited to provide written opinions on the Geriatric Care Policy. The objective was to create a comprehensive solution for senior citizens, offering both health and legal advice under one roof. The policy was drafted and submitted to the Department of Social Welfare in November 2022. If successfully implemented, Pune would become the first municipality in the state to enact such a policy.”

– Dr. Kalpana Baliwant, Deputy Health Officer, Pune Municipality

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Pune PMC | Lack of Momentum: Pune's Care Policy for Senior

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