Pune PMC News | Municipal Offices Face Disruption as Internet Outage Persists


Pune : Pune PMC News | The Pune Municipal Corporation faced a major setback as the internet services went down on Sunday, and even after 24 hours, the engineers were unable to restore the connection. As a result, all regional and other offices had to halt their operations for the entire day on Monday, causing significant disruptions to administrative work.


The Pune Municipal Corporation had been making efforts to digitize its operations, including citizen complaint registration, record-keeping of incoming and outgoing numbers, online office letter registration, tender process information filing, document uploads, email communication, and action on emails from various departments. With all these tasks reliant on internet connectivity, the outage severely impacted the smooth functioning of the municipality.


Citizens, who visited the municipal corporation on Monday, were unable to complete their tasks due to the internet shutdown. As it was the beginning of the week, there was a large influx of people seeking various services, but officials were unable to assist them due to the technical issues. The same situation was observed in field offices as well.


The main server room of the municipality experienced an internet shutdown due to a router failure. The computer department initiated efforts to repair the issue since Sunday, citing broken cables as the cause of the disruption. However, this incident has raised concerns, considering the substantial investments made in maintaining and upgrading the smart city infrastructure and municipal systems.


While online income tax payments were not affected, internal processes such as name changes in the Income Tax Department and assessments for new buildings were put on hold. Additionally, citizens seeking birth or death records from before 2019 at the Birth and Death Department were unable to obtain the necessary certificates. However, the central government’s Civil Registration System (CRS) remained operational, ensuring that those requiring certificates for events after 2019 faced no difficulties.


Rahul Jagtap, the head of the Computer Department, acknowledged the internet outage and assured that efforts were underway to restore the connection. He mentioned that engineers were working diligently to resolve the issue, with the internet expected to be functional by 9 pm. Jagtap also highlighted that the municipal corporation had established separate internet connections for regional offices to prevent a complete shutdown in those locations.


The incident sheds light on the importance of robust and reliable internet infrastructure for the smooth functioning of government operations.


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