Pune PMC News | PMC Initiates Survey to Recharge Depleting Groundwater Levels


Pune : Pune PMC News | The groundwater level in the city has been on a decline due to various factors, including rampant construction and other reasons. To address this concerning issue, the local administration has taken the initiative to conduct a comprehensive survey of borewells, wells, and duckwells across the city. In pursuit of this endeavor, a meeting was recently held at the municipal corporation, gathering representatives from voluntary organizations and entities dedicated to water recharge efforts.


Dr. Kunal Khemnar, Additional Commissioner of the municipal corporation, highlighted the measures being taken to replenish the city’s groundwater reserves. In line with this objective, maps of the city’s groundwater structure and a survey of natural springs have already been conducted. These findings serve as valuable resources for planning effective strategies to recharge the diminishing water levels.


Several options and solutions have emerged from the discussions held with the participating organizations. A dedicated plan tailored to the specific needs of the city will be formulated based on these valuable inputs. However, before embarking on this plan, it is essential to ascertain the extent of water extraction from underground sources in the city. Therefore, a comprehensive survey of borewells, wells, and duckwells will be conducted to gather vital information on groundwater usage.


This meticulous survey will provide valuable insights into the current state of water extraction and consumption within the city. Armed with this data, the administration will be better equipped to devise a comprehensive plan to recharge the depleting groundwater reserves.


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