Pune PMC News | Potholes in Newly Asphalted Roads Raise Concerns over Quality and Accountability


Pune : Pune PMC News | Despite significant investments in road asphalting projects, the city is grappling with a disheartening issue – potholes appearing on newly constructed roads within a short span of time. One such case has come to light in Dhairi, where a pothole has formed in the middle of a road, merely three months after its completion. The municipality is now under scrutiny to determine the appropriate course of action against the responsible contractor and consultant.


To address the deteriorating condition of city roads, the Municipal Corporation embarked on an ambitious project to asphalt 100 kilometers of roads, allocating a budget of 300 crore rupees. The roads were divided into five packages, with packages two and three already completed. However, due to the monsoon season, progress on packages one, four, and five has been slow.


In package two, approximately half a kilometer of road stretching from Dhairi Phata to Garmala was asphalted in March. Regrettably, the road from Garmala to Umbra Ganapati has been plagued with numerous potholes, and no action has been taken in that area.


Following the road construction, the Municipal Corporation appointed a consultant to oversee maintenance, repair, and quality assurance. However, questions are now being raised about the quality of work, considering the appearance of potholes within a mere three-month period. Furthermore, the road underwent inspection by the competent authority, but the credibility of the inspection is being questioned as the road quickly deteriorated.


The incident that has garnered attention involves a significant pothole that emerged in front of Yashwant Vihar Complex in June. Initially, the municipal administration paid little attention to the matter, but after an online complaint was filed, the pit was filled with asphalt. Unfortunately, the patch has also succumbed to additional potholes, raising concerns about the durability of the repairs.


V.G. Kulkarni, Head of the Roads Department, has assured the public that an investigation will be conducted into the potholes on the Dhairi road, and appropriate action will be taken against those responsible. The roads in the package are subject to a three-year Defect Liability Period (DLP), which means the contractor is accountable for any faults or deficiencies that arise during this time.


The citizens of the city, who had hoped for improved road conditions, are rightfully dismayed by the recurrence of potholes. It is crucial for the Municipal Corporation to thoroughly investigate the matter and hold the concerned parties accountable for their negligence or substandard work. Additionally, there should be a reevaluation of the inspection process to ensure that the roads are constructed to withstand the expected wear and tear, even in challenging weather conditions.


The citizens’ trust in the authorities’ ability to deliver quality infrastructure is at stake. It is vital for the Municipal Corporation to address these concerns promptly, not only to rectify the current road issues but also to restore faith in the future construction and maintenance projects.


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