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Pune PMC News | Privatization of Dialysis Centers Raises Concerns in Pune Municipal Health Department

Pune PMC News | Privatization of Dialysis Centers Raises Concerns in Pune Municipal Health Department

Pune : Pune PMC News | The Pune municipal health department (PMC) in the city has been steadily moving towards privatization, with only two out of the 15 dialysis centers owned by the Municipal Corporation. The rest of the centers are being operated by private organizations. Now, a private organization is set to open a municipal dialysis center in Sundarabai Ganpat Raut Hospital in Kothrud.

One of the dialysis centers, managed by the Lions Club at Kamla Nehru Hospital under the Municipal Corporation, has been closed for approximately 15 days in the month of July. This closure has caused significant inconvenience and suffering for patients. Citizens are questioning why efforts are being made to open a new center when the existing center in the main hospital of the Municipal Corporation is not functioning properly. The Municipal Corporation has received multiple complaints regarding the closure of the center in Kamla Nehru Hospital and has issued a notice to the concerned authorities.

Across seven municipal hospitals, a total of 62 dialysis machines are available, with 12 of them located in Kamla Nehru Hospital. Recently, a tender was released by the Municipal Corporation for the operation of a 10-bed dialysis center in Sundarabai Ganpat Raut Hospital. The tender specifies a 10-year duration for the operation of the center. While the government rate for dialysis is Rs 1,200, the municipal rate is significantly lower at Rs 400. This has raised doubts about the response the new tender will receive, considering the significant difference in rates.

Dr. Sanjeev Wawre, Assistant Head of Health at Pune Municipality, stated that dialysis centers are present in Kamla Nehru Hospital, Rajiv Gandhi Hospital, Chandumama Sonwane Hospital, Shiwarkar Hospital, Bartakke Hospital, Thorve Hospital, and Meenatai Thackeray Maternity Hospital. Apart from the center in Kamla Nehru Hospital, the other centers are reportedly functioning well. Once the contract period for the center in Raut Hospital in Kelewadi expires, the new tender will come into effect.

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Pune PMC News | Privatization of Dialysis Centers Raises

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