Pune PMC News | Pune Municipal Corporation Enforces Use of Treated Water for Construction


Pune : Pune PMC News | In a bid to conserve water resources and reduce wastage, the Pune Municipal Corporation has made it mandatory for builders in the city to utilize treated water from Sewage Treatment Plants (STPs) for construction purposes. Despite initial resistance from builders, the Corporation’s strong warning prompted 765 builders to register on the Municipal Corporation’s app. So far, a significant amount of water, totaling 490,000 liters, has been used for construction, averting the unnecessary consumption of drinking water.


With a focus on preventing water wastage, the Pune Municipal Corporation is implementing measures to safeguard the city’s dam water. Alongside efforts to minimize leakages, the Corporation has imposed restrictions on the extensive use of drinking water for construction activities. Approximately 400 to 450 million liters per day (MLD) of water undergo purification in the city’s eight treatment plants before being released back into the river. This treated water is ideal for construction purposes, prompting the Corporation to repeatedly issue orders to builders regarding its utilization. However, despite the directives, drinking water continued to be utilized indiscriminately until the Corporation’s stern warning spurred action.


To streamline the process of recycling wastewater, Pune Municipality has developed an app called STP Tanker. Since its inception, the app has garnered registrations from 147 tanker owners and 765 builders. Through this innovative platform, a significant volume of treated water, amounting to 490,000 liters, has been utilized for construction purposes. This milestone has been achieved through the collaborative efforts of 147 tankers and eight sewage projects, benefitting the endeavors of 765 construction professionals.


By harnessing the potential of treated wastewater, Pune Municipal Corporation is taking a significant step towards water conservation and sustainable development. The utilization of treated water from STPs not only curtails the demand for drinking water but also mitigates the strain on the city’s water resources. The proactive adoption of the STP Tanker app by tanker owners and builders exemplifies their commitment to responsible water management practices.


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