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Pune PMC News | Pune Municipal Corporation Introduces Grabber Tractors to Expedite Waste Collection

Pune PMC News | Pune Municipal Corporation Introduces Grabber Tractors to Expedite Waste Collection

Pune : Pune PMC News | Grabber tractors have come to the rescue of Pune’s citizens as they combat the aftermath of the monsoon season. With trees being uprooted as a precautionary measure and some falling during heavy rains, the city was left with a messy situation. However, relief is on the horizon as the Municipal Corporation has obtained five grabber tractors from the contractors responsible for clearing tree waste.

The initiative aims to expedite the process of clearing garbage, providing a faster solution for the residents. Asha Raut, Deputy Commissioner of the Municipal Solid Waste Management Department, inaugurated the grabber tractor, signaling a step forward in waste management.

Pune has faced challenges in garbage accumulation due to various factors, including tree falls caused by heavy rain. Insufficient manpower has resulted in delayed waste collection, leading to unpleasant odors and increased disease transmission risks. To address these issues, the grabber tractors with advanced technology have been made available. Similar to JCBs, these tractors can pick up tree branches and other waste up to a height of fifteen feet and directly deposit them into the vehicle.

Each zone now has its dedicated grabber tractor, enabling the work that would typically require eight workers in an hour to be completed in just 5 to 10 minutes. This accelerated process will greatly speed up the removal of tree branches and wood waste. Furthermore, the piles of garbage often harbor snakes and other pests and pose risks to transmission cables. The use of these tractors will help mitigate these risks and improve overall safety.

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Pune PMC News | Pune Municipal Corporation Introduces Grabber

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