Pune PMC News | Road Construction Delays Cause Hardships for Citizens and Motorists in Pune
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Pune : Pune PMC News | The ongoing road construction work in the Khadimashin Junction to Yevlewadi stretch, undertaken by the drainage department of the Municipal Corporation, has resulted in significant inconveniences for citizens and motorists. The project involves laying a 600 mm diameter drainage line, necessitating extensive excavation along the road.


Unfortunately, the road construction has been long-awaited, and its delay has created hardships for residents, particularly during the monsoon season. The project has been underway for the past seven to eight months, and the prolonged work is taking its toll on the affected area.


Prior to the drainage work, excavation was conducted for the MNGL and Maharashtra State Electricity Distribution Company Limited (Mahavitran) projects. While completion was initially expected before the onset of monsoon, the drainage department’s work is still ongoing.


Given the heavy traffic flow during morning and evening hours, there is a pressing demand for the swift completion and restoration of the road. The presence of schools and colleges along this route further exacerbates the issue, as student traffic is adversely affected. The narrowed road has led to severe traffic congestion, causing significant delays for students trying to reach their educational institutions on time.


Furthermore, the repairs carried out by the Municipal Corporation in some sections where the drainage work has been completed are of poor quality, further exacerbating the challenges faced by motorists.


Citizen Sandeep Badhe expressed his frustration, stating, “Driving on the road has become difficult. The work was expected to be completed before the monsoons. However, it was not done. In March, municipal officials promised completion in the following month, but the municipality has a history of failing to meet deadlines. This problem is common, and citizens have to suffer.”


The Junior Engineer from the Drainage Department, Shashikant Nivdekar, explained the challenges faced during the project, stating, “Our work near Yevlewadi arch has encountered hard rock while digging. With a depth of 3 meters to be excavated, the work has been delayed. Additionally, we can only work at night due to heavy traffic congestion during the day. Consequently, the project is estimated to require another one to one and a half months, though we are committed to completing it as soon as possible.”



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