Pune PMC News | Unauthorized Businesses in Pune Disturb Residential Areas: PMC Launches War Room and Complaint Number


Pune : Pune PMC News | Numerous unauthorized hotels, restaurants, bars, and taverns are operating in residential areas of Pune city, causing disturbances and violating construction regulations. These businesses are often open late at night and into the early morning, accompanied by loud music that disrupts the peace of the surrounding neighborhoods. To address this issue and prevent financial losses to the Pune Municipal Corporation (PMC), a dedicated “war room” has been established by the PMC. Additionally, a WhatsApp number (8308059999) has been activated for residents to report such businesses and register complaints. Municipal Commissioner Vikram Kumar has appealed to the citizens to register a complaint on this number.


Under the Maharashtra Municipal Corporation Act, the annual taxable amount for residential and non-residential income, including vacant land, is determined within the jurisdiction of the PMC. However, a significant number of unauthorized hotel businesses are operating without obtaining the necessary permissions from the construction department, resulting in disturbances in residential areas. These establishments also contribute to parking and traffic problems, as many visitors park their vehicles on the streets. Public representatives and social organizations have raised concerns about these issues with the department.


To combat these illegal activities in hotels, pubs, and restaurants, the PMC’s Taxation and Tax Collection Office has established a war room. Its purpose is to prevent financial losses to the PMC caused by non-compliant businesses operating in residential properties. Citizens are urged to report any unauthorized use of properties, such as hotels, offices, beauty parlors, or clinics, and any untaxed income related to such establishments, including residential flats within housing complexes. Reports can be made to the dedicated WhatsApp number provided.


The Taxation and Tax Collection Department of the PMC will carefully consider the information provided through the WhatsApp number and take appropriate action against the unauthorized businesses. By launching this initiative, the PMC aims to ensure compliance with regulations and maintain the tranquility of residential areas in Pune city. Residents are encouraged to utilize the complaint mechanism to contribute to the efforts in curbing unauthorized activities and promoting a peaceful living environment.


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