Pune PMC Recruitment News | Pune Municipal Corporation Addresses Recruitment Concerns


Pune : Pune PMC Recruitment News | Pune Municipal Corporation(PMC) has finally addressed the concerns of candidates awaiting employment after the recruitment of Junior Engineers, Clerks, and Assistant Encroachment Inspectors. The lack of a waiting list had left these individuals in a state of uncertainty, but Municipal Commissioner Vikram Kumar has provided clarification, offering hope to approximately 38 candidates who will now have the opportunity to fill the vacant positions.
Last year, the Pune Municipal Corporation initiated a recruitment process for a total of 448 positions, which included 135 Junior Engineer (Civil) posts, 200 Clerk positions, and 100 Assistant Encroachment Inspector positions. Following an online examination, shortlisted candidates were summoned for document verification. Subsequently, the final list of successful candidates was announced, and they were appointed to their respective municipal roles. The administration also released the names of candidates on the waiting list.


However, it was later discovered that some of the appointed Junior Engineers had submitted fraudulent experience certificates. The matter was reported to the administration, and legal action was taken, resulting in the dismissal of three individuals involved in the inquiry. Additionally, a few candidates resigned from their positions for personal reasons.


During this process, it was observed that 13 out of 135 Junior Engineer positions remained vacant. Consequently, there was a pressing need to offer job opportunities to candidates on the waiting list. Regrettably, despite several months of follow-up, no decision had been made on this matter.


A similar situation arose for the Assistant Encroachment Inspector posts, with 90 out of 97 positions filled, leaving seven individuals on the waiting list. Additionally, for the Clerk positions, 181 out of 200 vacancies were occupied, leaving 19 individuals on the waiting list without any decision being made.


Rumors circulated that the municipal administration intended to cancel the waiting list altogether and incorporate these posts into the next recruitment process. This caused anxiety among the candidates. However, Commissioner Vikram Kumar clarified that no such decision had been made.


To address the concerns of candidates on the waiting list, Commissioner Kumar announced that the vacant positions for Junior Engineers, Clerks, and Assistant Encroachment Inspectors would indeed be filled by offering opportunities to individuals on the waiting list. He assured the candidates that the process would commence shortly.


This declaration brings relief to the waiting list candidates who have been eagerly awaiting a resolution to their uncertain situation. By honoring the waiting list and filling the vacancies accordingly, the Municipal Corporation demonstrates its commitment to fairness and transparency in the recruitment process.


As the Commissioner stated, “Vacancies for the posts of Junior Engineer, Clerk, Assistant Encroachment Inspector will be filled by giving an opportunity to the candidates in the waiting list. We will start the process soon.” With this announcement, the candidates can now look forward to the realization of their long-awaited employment prospects in the Pune Municipal Corporation.



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