Pune Police Commissioner Orders Transfer of Seven Police Inspectors to Pune City Force from Thane


Pune: Commissioner of Police Amitesh Kumar has issued an order for the appointment of seven police inspectors who were transferred from Thane city to Pune city late on Thursday night.

The appointed police inspectors and their respective places of appointment are as follows:

  1. Nilesh Gorakshanath Bakhad: Police Inspector (Crime) at Samarth Police Station.
  2. Sharad Asaram Zine: Police Inspector (Crime) at Bharti University Police Station.
  3. Vikram Singh Dattatray Kadam: Police Inspector (Crime) at Kothrud Police Station.
  4. Ajit Poptrao Gavit: Police Inspector (Crime) at Parvati Police Station.
  5. Sarjerao Shamrao Kumbhar: Police Inspector (Crime) at Airport Police Station.
  6. Babasaheb Manohar Nikam: Police Inspector (Crime) at Mundhwa Police Station.
  7. Rahul Kumar Mohanrao Khilare: Police Inspector (Crime) at Market Yard Police Station.
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