Pune Police Crack Down on Criminals Glorifying Crime on Social Media; Vigil on Social Media Accounts Containing Criminal Content


Pune: In a bid to curb crime and maintain law and order in Pune city, the police recently paraded 11 major criminal gangs and 21 ’emerging’ gangs at the Police Commissionerate. Despite strict warnings issued to criminals against posting videos glorifying crime on social media, such reels continued to surface online. Consequently, the police have initiated direct action against Instagram account holders who have been uploading such content.

According to Amol Zende, Deputy Commissioner of Police, Crime Branch, over 250 Instagram accounts have been identified, with the reels and content of more than 60 accounts already deleted by the authorities.

A concerning trend has emerged, indicating the growing nexus between criminals and political figures. In response, Police Commissioner Amitesh Kumar has taken decisive action, investigating the criminals of 11 notorious gangs such as Gaja Marne, Bunty Pawar, Nilesh Ghaiwal, Ganesh Marne, Tipu Pathan, Bandu Andekar, Umesh Chavan, Baba Bodke, Anwar alias Navva, Bapu Nair, and Khada Wasim, along with 267 criminals of other emerging gangs such as Sumit Chaudhary, Mama Kankate, Yogesh Londhe, Jangalya Payal, Sunny Tak, Sunny Hiwale, Ganesh Londhe, Jeevan Kamble, Kiran Thorat, Saurabh Shinde, Kunal Kalekar, Akash Bhatkar, Appa Ghadge, Aniket Sathe, Rohit Bhutada, Vidya Padale, and Aniket Jadhav.

In a bold move, these criminals were brought face-to-face and subjected to special police scrutiny, with stern warnings issued against any further criminal activities or attempts to spread terror through social media reels and videos.

The crackdown extends to monitoring the social media accounts of these individuals, with Instagram, Facebook, and YouTube profiles under close surveillance. The police are closely monitoring accounts posting reels glorifying crime and have already identified over 250 such accounts, with videos of criminal activities being recorded as evidence.

Additionally, the police are capturing videos of criminals acknowledging the wrongfulness of glorifying crime on social media and pledging to refrain from such actions in the future. This proactive approach underscores the authorities’ commitment to deterring criminal behaviour and ensuring public safety.

With plans to scrutinise an additional 150 accounts in the near future, Pune Police remains steadfast in its resolve to clamp down on criminals exploiting social media platforms for nefarious purposes.

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