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Pune Police News | Pune Police Takes Steps to Enhance Security with the Introduction of Pistol-Equipped 'Damini Squads'

Pune Police News | Pune Police Takes Steps to Enhance Security with the Introduction of Pistol-Equipped ‘Damini Squads’

Pune : Pune Police News | In response to the recent attack on a college girl in Sadashiv Peth, the city police have taken a significant step towards increasing the security measures in Pune. The number of ‘Damini squads,’ composed of women police officers, will be expanded to patrol the city. These squads will now be equipped with pistols to effectively combat crime. In addition to the Damini squads, pistol training is being provided to the crime branch, investigation squads of police stations, and patrolling squads.

The decision to arm the Damini squads with pistols comes as a response to the rising crime incidents in the city. Police Commissioner Ritesh Kumar has ordered immediate action to be taken in case of any untoward incidents. While the police force receives training in handling pistols and guns, regular practice is limited. Typically, police personnel only undergo pistol handling training once a year.

Recognizing the need for improved security measures, the police have initiated pistol training for the Damini squads, the crime branch, and the personnel in the detection branch of police stations. Commissioner of Police Ritesh Kumar and Joint Commissioner of Police Sandeep Karnik have directed immediate action to be taken in cases of vehicle vandalism, intimidation, and molestation of women. A comprehensive list of criminals operating within the city has been compiled, and instructions have been given to take preventive action against them.

The deployment of armed police personnel creates a sense of security among citizens and instills fear in criminals. By equipping the women police officers of the Damini squads and investigation teams with pistols, the police aim to foster a safer environment for the residents of Pune. The availability of pistols to the personnel in the investigation teams will enhance their capacity to effectively handle criminal investigations.

The presence of armed police officers in the Damini squads and investigation teams will serve as a deterrent to potential criminals and provide a visible sense of security to the public.

It is essential to address the increasing crime incidents in Pune promptly and effectively. By equipping the police force with the necessary tools and providing them with the appropriate training, the city police are taking proactive measures to combat crime and protect the citizens. The introduction of pistols for the Damini squads and other specialized units will undoubtedly enhance their ability to respond swiftly and decisively to any criminal activities.

The initiative not only provides immediate security benefits but also sends a strong message to the criminal elements within the city. Pune Police is determined to maintain law and order and ensure the safety of its residents. As the pistol training progresses and the Damini squads become fully operational, the citizens can expect an enhanced level of security and a more robust response to criminal incidents in the city.

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Pune Police News | Pune Police Takes Steps to Enhance Security

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