Pune Police | Playing of loud music in restaurants and pubs beyond 10 pm stops; Police crack down on erring establishments
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PUNE : Pune Police | The police have started a drive against playing of DJ music by restaurants and pubs till late in the night by violating the rules and taken action against 30 to 35 restaurants and pubs and seized the sound system. The owners of restaurants and pubs are a worried lot and are shutting the sound system at 10 pm.


Restaurants and pubs are kept open till late in the night by violating the rules in the city. At many places, parties are held till late in the night in rooftop restaurants. The local residents have to suffer because of this. It has come to light many times that during these parties, many times hookah and drugs are used. Against this background, the police have undertaken a drive against restaurants and pubs violating rules. These places have been raided and the sound systems have been seized. The drive is going on for a fortnight.


The residents have welcomed the drive taken by the police. Some months ago, the police had taken action in Koregaon Park, Yerawada and Kalyani Nagar and registered FIRs. Now, the drive has been intensified. Since drugs are consumed in such parties, it can result in accidents and other crimes. Hence, the police action is being considered important. The action is being taken under the guidance of Police Commissioner Retesh Kumaarr, Joint CP Sandeep Karnik, Addl CP Ramnath Pokale, DCP Amol Zende and ACP Satish Govekar.


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