Pune Police | Pune Police Reunite Lost Three-Year-Old Girl with Her Family in Warje Malwadi


Pune : Pune Police | A heartwrenching incident unfolded in Yasodeep Chowk, Warje Malwadi, when a three-year-old girl was found wandering alone, unable to find her way home. The concerned headmistress of a local school, Gauri Pawar, promptly alerted the Warje police about the lost child, leading to a swift response from the authorities.


Upon receiving the information, police officers Ankita Mohol, Aboli Kendra, and Sanjay Nigde immediately located and approached the girl. They began searching for her parents within the Warje Malwadi area. Through their investigation, they discovered that the girl’s father was a tailor, prompting them to extend their search towards the slum areas.


Meanwhile, a school bus driver informed the police that the girl belonged to Smita Patil School in Warje Malwadi, and the school staff was also searching for her. Acting on this information, the police swiftly reached Smita Patil Vidyalaya in Yashodeep Chowk, where they identified the lost girl as Tannu Anil Rao, a three-year-old student who had recently enrolled in the school.


With Tannu’s identity confirmed, the police promptly reunited her with her mother, Neetu Anil Rao. The relieved mother expressed gratitude to the authorities for their swift action and the safe return of her daughter. Sanjeevani Patil, the principal of Smita Patil Vidyalaya, was present during the reunion and took the opportunity to remind the school of its responsibility to ensure the safety and well-being of its students.


This incident serves as a reminder of the importance of vigilance and cooperation between the community and law enforcement. The proactive response from the headmistress, Gauri Pawar, and the prompt actions of the Warje police led to a successful reunion and the safe return of the three-year-old girl to her family. It also highlights the crucial role schools play in ensuring the security of their students, emphasizing the need for constant vigilance and care in safeguarding children’s well-being.


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