Pune Political News | Four MLAs in Pune face danger of losing their seats, states survey


PUNE : Pune Political News | Against the background of forthcoming assembly elections, surveys of many organisations are doing the rounds. A survey carried out by News Arena states that four MLAs may face a tough time in their assembly seats. The survey says that NCP may suffer setback in Indapur constituency. The survey says that there will be change in four constituencies i.e. Shivaji Nagar, Kasba, Cantonment and Wadgaon Sheri.
In Pune city, there is Congress MLA in Kasba Peth, NCP MLA in Wadgaon Sheri and BJP has MLAs in Kothrud, Parvati, Shivaji Nagar and Cantonment constituencies.


In 2019, in Shivaji Nagar constituency, the Congress candidate fell behind in the last round and Siddharth Shirole won by 5,124 votes. In Wadgaon Sheri, NCP’s Sunil Tingre had won by 2,820 votes and Sunil Kamble had won by 5,012 votes in Cantonment constituency. These seats may throw up a different result in the next assembly polls.



In the recently held by-election in the Kasba Peth constituency, Ravindra Dhangekar emerged victorious. The effects of this victory were felt all over the country and the Kasba pattern became famous. Despite this, the BJP will win this seat in the next assembly elections, the survey states. It also says that the BJP would emerge victorious in Indapur constituency. In 2019, Datta Bhane had won the seat by a small margin of 3,110 votes.


In Pune district, out of 21 assembly seats, maximum number of seats i.e. Nine may be bagged by BJP. NCP may win eight seats and Congress may get four seats. At present, NCP has 10 MLAs, BJP has eight and Congress has three MLAs. The BJP and Congress are likely to win one more seat and NCP may lose two seats.


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