Pune Politics News | MNS Launches ‘Ek Sahi Santapachi’ Campaign in Pune Amidst Political Drama


Pune : Pune Politics News | Following the dramatic political developments that unfolded after the 2019 Maharashtra assembly elections, the Maharashtra Navnirman Sena (MNS) has initiated a new campaign in Pune titled ‘Ek Sahi Santapachi’ (One Signature for Outrage). The campaign aims to address the confusion and frustration among voters regarding the shifting political landscape and urge them to express their discontent through signatures.


Raj Thackeray, the president of MNS, has voiced his displeasure over the party splits and alliances witnessed in the state’s political arena. In response to these developments, the city branch of MNS has taken the initiative to launch the ‘Ek Sahi Santapachi’ campaign. The campaign invites individuals who share similar concerns and frustrations to register their outrage by signing a petition.


Sainath Babar, the City President of MNS, announced that the campaign will be carried out over two days, Saturday and Sunday, in all assembly constituencies across the city. Many common voters have expressed their anger towards the leaders who have switched parties and formed alliances without considering the trust bestowed upon them by the electorate who voted for them, elected them as MLAs, and allowed them to hold power for several years. The ‘Ek Sahi Santapachi’ campaign aims to provide an avenue for these disgruntled voters to voice their grievances.


On Saturday, the campaign will be conducted in Kothrud, Kasba, Vadgaon Sheri, and Parvati constituencies, while on Sunday, it will focus on Shivajinagar, Hadapsar, Khadakwasla, and Cantonment. MNS activists will appeal to citizens to sign the petition at prominent locations within these constituencies.


The campaign reflects the growing frustration among voters who are seeking stability and transparency in the political landscape. The recent political developments, including party splits and alliances, have left many voters confused about which party to support in the upcoming elections. The ‘Ek Sahi Santapachi’ campaign provides a platform for citizens to express their concerns and send a strong message to the political leaders.


As the campaign gains momentum, it remains to be seen how the political parties respond to the growing discontent among the electorate. The signatures collected through this campaign will serve as a tangible representation of the voters’ frustration and dissatisfaction, urging political leaders to address their concerns and work towards regaining the trust of the people they represent.


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