Pune: Property Dispute Turns Violent! Threats and Intimidation by Land Owner Unfold in Wakad


Pune: A property dispute in Wakad has taken a violent turn as allegations emerge of threats and intimidation against a construction professional by landowners who allegedly breached their contract. Deepak Jeevandas Punjabi, a resident of Ashiana Park, Aundh, has filed a complaint (CR No. 174/24) with the Wakad Police Station, leading to the registration of a case against Sharad Kundlik Barne and Balasaheb Kundlik Barne, residents of Krantiveer Nagar, Thergaon.

According to police reports, Punjabi entered into a development agreement with the landowners, including the Barne family, on behalf of Rajnandini Developers. The agreement stipulated that 26 flats would be allocated to the original owners in exchange for transferable development rights (TDR) and 50 percent of the construction cost. However, complications arose when the owners failed to fulfil their financial obligations, leading to a revised agreement to provide 15 flats initially, with the remaining 22 to follow upon settlement.

Punjabi, retaining four flats for himself, secured them with his locks. However, upon inspection by his brokers, it was discovered that the locks had been replaced, prompting a confrontation with Sharad and Kundlik Barne. Allegations surfaced of threats made against the brokers, including the gruesome warning of limb amputation or death should they return.

Further investigation revealed that the Barne family had leased Punjab’s flats to a tenant, extracting financial gain while exploiting the disputed property. Faced with ongoing threats and exploitation, Punjabi sought police intervention, leading to the initiation of a case and subsequent investigation by Police Sub-Inspector Pote.

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