Pune: In today’s press conference in Pune, the nationalist Congress Party’s state president, Sunil Tatkare, criticised Congress leader Rahul Gandhi and said that he is an immature leader. Tatkare also lambasted the opposition for deliberately creating confusion among people and said that his party is working to remove that confusion from people’s minds.

Tatkare said that the Congress is deliberately spreading lies and creating confusion among the minority about Article 370, the CAA Act, etc., but they will not be successful. We are working to remove the confusion created by them from people’s minds.

Tatkare has come to Pune to campaign for Pune Lok Sabha constituency candidate Murlidhar Mohal. He was speaking at the press conference organised on this occasion. At that time, NCP Pune City President Deepak Mankar, Working President Pradeep Deshmukh, BJP State Spokesperson Sanjay Mayekar, and Promoting Co-Chief Hemant Lele were present.

Tatkare said, “The India Alliance is continuously spreading false propaganda. It is said that the constitution and democracy are under threat. Further, the Nationalist Congress Party (NCP) has been criticised since its participation in the Mahayuti alliance under the leadership of Ajit Pawar. Similarly, an attempt has been made to create confusion among voters. But people are wise, and they are standing behind the Mahayuti alliance.”

At that time, Tatkare also expressed confidence that they would win in Baramati by a large margin.

At that time, he also unveiled earlier attempts by his parties to join hands with the BJP. He said, “It was decided three times before to form a government with the BJP. At that time, Shiv Sena was in power with the BJP. Home Minister Amit Shah had said that he could not break an alliance with Shiv Sena, as Shiv Sena was their old friend. Again, in 2019, it was decided to go with the BJP, but in the end, Pawar Saheb refused.”

He said that everyone in the party had signed the letter of support at that time to show their readiness to go with the BJP. Therefore, there is no point in saying that they left the party for other reasons.

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