Pune: On Monday, May 13, the voting for the fourth phase of Lok Sabha elections took place in the country in which voting for the Pune Lok Sabha constituency also took place. This time, the BJP’s Murlidhar Mohol, the Congress’ Ravindra Dhangekar, and Vanchit Bahujan Aghadi’s Vasant More were in the fray for the Pune Lok Sabha constituency. For more than 50 days, these three candidates went to many parts of the city and tried to reach the voters by holding campaign meetings, rallies, and padayatras.

After voting, all three candidates come to talk at Wadeshwar Katta today. However, Murlidhar Mohol did not reach as he was not feeling well. Ravindra Dhangekar and Vasant More came to Wadeshwar Katta. At Wadeshwar Katta, both candidates spoke about funny incidents they encountered and their experiences during their campaigning.

It has been two days since the polling of the election for the Pune Lok Sabha constituency took place, and its result will be announced on June 4. However, in the meantime, the leader of the NCP Sharad Pawar group, Ankush Kakade, and Srikant Shirole of the BJP organised the Wadeshwar Katta of the candidates for the Pune Lok Sabha election before and after the election, like every year.

Dhangekar and Vasant More were present, and both ate idli chutney and shira and shared their experiences during the campaign. But this time, Murlidhar Mohol could not attend. Information is coming out that the BJP’s Muralidhar Mohol was not in good health and could not come to Wadeshwar Katta today.

On this occasion, Ravindra Dhangekar said, “I have contested ten elections so far. I won a few times in those elections. Sometimes I also saw defeat. So in every election, I learned something. In this election, I also learned a lot. But my family was criticised in this election. That caused me a lot of pain. In this election, my family would have been devastated. But I will certainly answer this in the coming time.”

“Also, due to all these incidents, I suffered a lot of personal and financial loss. No matter how much harm befalls me, I fear nothing. I didn’t bring anything before coming to politics, and I won’t take anything from here. I was not born into the family of Pawarsaheb or Vikhe Patil. So I need not to fear anyone,” said Ravindra Dhangekar.

At this time, Dhangekar also rebuked opponents, saying that he would certainly answer them in the coming time who criticised his family members during the election.

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