Pune: Shady Dealings! Softhard Automation Company’s Employees Under Fire for Illicit Embezzlement


Pune: A shenanigan practice of selling a company’s goods to another company and thus lining one’s pockets by the company’s employees came to light at Softhard Automation Company in Dhankawadi. In this regard, a commercial head of the company registered a complaint against seven employees of the company at Sahakarnagar Police Station.

This disturbing scam was unearthed after a plaintiff, Ashok Vithoba Varpe, 47, who is the commercial head of the company, audited the financial reports of the company. At that time, to his surprise, he found a discrepancy in the financial report and discovered that the company’s profit record was not maintained as per the rules.

Upon further investigation, he learned about the collusive embezzlement of a company by its own employees. After noticing the illicit fraud, he registered a complaint of deceiving a company to a staggering amount of Rs 31 lakh, 84 thousand, and 769 rupees and using this money for private purposes without depositing it into the company’s coffer. This incident was going on between 2018 and 2022 at Softhard Automation Company in Indu Society in Dhankawadi.

Accordingly, he registered a complaint (G. Reg. No. 46/24) against Madhav Kalyan Jagtap, Rahul Anil Sulakhe, Dhanshree Madhav Jagtap, Prashant Jairam Jagtap, Pooja Jagtap, Meenakshi Kadam, and Dhamendra Sutar. Assistant Police Inspector Chhabu Berad is investigating further into the case.

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