Pune: Congress City Unit President Arvind Shinde was shocked to learn on Monday that someone had already cast his vote. The bogus voting incident came to light at the St Mira’s School under the Pune Lok Sabha constituency.

Later, Shinde complained to the voting officer and filled the challenge vote form 117B and voted.

Voting has been going on enthusiastically in the constituency since the morning. Shinde visited the school at 11 am when the bogus voting was revealed. However, he was given the opportunity to register a ‘tender vote’. The vote is counted only in case of an emergency.

Arvind Shinde said, “I came to exercise my franchise. I was shocked to learn that someone else had already voted in my name. I complained to the officer concerned. Then I filled a challenge vote-tender vote form 117B and cast my vote on a ballot paper.”

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