Pune Traffic Police | Work on 85 of 125 ATMS Signals Completed


Pune : Pune Traffic Police | The work on 85 of the 125 ATMS signals in Pune has been completed, Municipal Commissioner Vikram Kumar said on Wednesday.


The ATMS system is a state-of-the-art signal system that uses sensors to automatically adjust the timing of signals based on the number of vehicles on each intersection and road at different times. This is expected to help ease traffic congestion in the city.


Kumar said that the work on the remaining 40 signals will be completed after the monsoon. He added that the information about violation of rules in the intersections will also be collected in the command center.


The Smart City Company has spent for this project and the municipality will pay Rs 56 crore for the next five years. There are 250 chowks in the city and the number of chowks is expected to increase due to the expansion of the city. The cost of setting up ATMS system in all these intersections is around Rs. 90 crores.


Kumar also mentioned that the system to be installed in the first phase will be studied and the next decision will be taken.


The ATMS system is part of the Pune Smart City project, which is aimed at making the city more livable and sustainable. The project also includes the development of a public bicycle sharing system, the installation of solar panels on government buildings, and the improvement of public Wi-Fi connectivity. The ATMS system is expected to be operational by the end of this year.


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