Pune University Students Demand Action Over Poor Quality Food and Threats in Canteen (Videos)


Pune: Students at Savitribai Phule Pune University are expressing serious concerns about their health due to the substandard food being served in the university canteen. Complaints have arisen regarding sour chapatis, prompting student organisations to raise their voices in protest.

Amidst complaints from students about the sour chapatis, the canteen staff reportedly responded with threats rather than addressing the issue. This has led to heightened tensions, with student organisations calling for immediate action from university authorities.

The University Vidyarthee Sangharsh Kruti Samiti has officially lodged a complaint with the Vice-Chancellor, highlighting both the poor food quality and the threats issued by canteen staff. The committee, represented by Rahul Sasane, Rohit Bhamre, Balaji Misal, Mayur Javale, and Vishal Zanjre, has urged swift intervention to rectify the situation.

In their statement to the Vice-Chancellor, the committee outlined the events of April 22, 2024, when severely compromised food quality was observed in the university refectory. Investigation revealed that the chapati flour had spoiled, resulting in sour chapatis being served to students, triggering numerous complaints.

Upon confronting the mess owner and staff about the substandard food, students were met with threats instead of a resolution to the issue. This response is deeply concerning, as it disregards student welfare and safety.

The committee has called on the university administration to take immediate punitive action against the responsible mess owner and staff. They emphasise the importance of prioritising hygiene and providing nutritious food to students, rather than resorting to intimidation tactics.

Furthermore, the committee has issued a warning to the university administration, highlighting the potential consequences of their inaction. They assert that if students suffer health complications or face physical harm due to negligence or threats from canteen staff, those responsible will be held fully accountable.

The committee vows to continue advocating for student welfare and safety, asserting their readiness to engage in strong protests if necessary.

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