Pune: Woman Allegedly Molested, Threatened, and Cheated by Acquaintance and Son in Pune


Pune: A 46-year-old woman has filed a complaint with the Wanwadi police, alleging molestation, threats, and financial deceit by an acquaintance and his son. The victim woman lodged the complaint on Tuesday (21st), detailing a series of incidents spanning from 2022 to the present, occurring at her residence and various lodges in Pune city and its surroundings.

The accused individuals, identified as Hanumant Lalu Gorgal, 56, and his son Pratik Hanumant Gorgal, both residents of Kedgaon village in Pune, stand accused in the case, with charges filed under sections IPC 376, 354, 509, 406, 420, 504, 506, and 34.

According to police statements, the accused and the complainant share a familiar acquaintance, with the accused being employed at a Mahavitaran company. Following the demise of the woman’s husband, the accused purportedly extended support and gained her trust. Subsequently, the woman received an insurance pay out, which the accused allegedly exploited by coercing her into lending him ten lakh rupees under the pretext of addressing domestic issues in his household.

However, matters took a sinister turn when the woman sought the return of her borrowed funds. Allegedly, the accused not only abused the plaintiff but also subjected her to sexual assault, stipulating that he would only repay the money if she maintained physical relations with him. For this, the accused repeatedly took the woman to different lodges in the city and raped the victim.

Shockingly, despite this, the accused did not fulfil his promise, prompting the woman to confide in the accused’s son and demand restitution.

In a shocking twist, the accused’s son purportedly responded to the woman with threats of violence, refusing to return the money and menacingly warning the plaintiff of dire consequences. Subsequent to the woman’s complaint, the Wanwadi police have initiated an investigation into the matter under the guidance of Police Sub-Inspector Santosh Sonwane.

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