Pune: Young Man’s Social Media Hankering Turns Sour! Swindler Syndicate Defrauds Him of Rs 43,000


Pune: A yearning to increase contact with girls on social media by befriending them blew up on a young man’s face as he was cheated by one swindler consortium. The scam syndicate defrauded a young man by robbing him with Rs 43 thousand from the bank and by taking away his mobile phone.

This incident took place on the ground behind the Kasturba Society in Vishrantwadi. Accordingly, police apprehended all the three accused, identified as Aman Aziz Shaikh 22, Mazhar Juber Khan 24, and Deepak Shantaram Kamble 23. As per the primary information, Shaikh is a resident of Vadgaon Sheri, while Khan and Kamble are residents of Yerawada, Pune.

The 22-year-old plaintiff registered a complaint regarding this at Vishrantwadi police station. The plaintiff is an original resident of Alandi. As per his complaint, a few people contacted him on the social media app and sent him friend requests. After engaging in conversation with him, the accused syndicate enticed the plaintiff by offering to enhance his connections with girls on social media.

Felling into their trap, the accused believed them and went to meet them at the ground behind the Kasturba Society in Vishrantwadi as per their request. However, after reaching there, the accused unleashed a heavy assault on the plaintiff. They abused him and took Rs 43 thousand from his bank account through an online transaction. Shockingly, after that, the accused absconded from the scene by taking his mobile phone.

When the plaintiff registered a complaint regarding the incident at Vishrantwadi Police Station, the police laid a trap and held all three accused based on the tip-off of the squealer. Accordingly, police personnel Shekhar Kharade and Sandeep Devkate apprehended all the accused and put them behind bars.

This operation was carried out by Police Staff Nitin Rathod, Deepak Chavan, Yashwant Kirve, Sampat Bhosale, Sanjay Badre, Sandeep Devkate, Praful More, Shekhar Kharade, Kishore Bhusare, Anil Bharmal, and Akshay Chapte under the guidance of Senior Police Inspector Kanchan Jadhav and Crime Branch Inspector Bhalchandra Dhavale.

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