Pune: Youth Attacked and Injured in Kondhwa! Five Arrested in Connection with Violent Assault


Pune: A dispute stemming from past grievances erupted into violence in the Kondhwa area, leaving a youth gravely injured after being attacked by a gang wielding sharp weapons. The incident unfolded on January 14 around 10:30 p.m. at Samatanagar in Kondhwa, where the victim, along with two individuals who attempted to intervene, bore the brunt of the assailants’ brutal assault. Kondhwa police swiftly responded to the distress call and apprehended five individuals from Belapur in the Akole taluka of Ahmednagar district in connection with the incident.

The arrested individuals were identified as Shehbaz Moddin Khan (30), Balaji Timanna Mangali (35), Suraj Rajendra Sartape (25), Zubair Quddus Qureshi, and Rocky Erdi Anthony (31). The complaint, lodged by Amit Jairam Sapkal (34), detailed the harrowing ordeal that unfolded that fateful night. Consequently, the police have registered a case against Sunny Chavan (32), Anish Chavan (35), Shehbaz Shaikh (36), and others under various sections of the Indian Penal Code (IPC), including 307, 326, 324, 144, and 147, along with sections of the Maharashtra Police Act.

The genesis of the altercation lies in an old dispute involving the victim’s friend, Zainuddin Shaikh alias Kallu (32), and the accused. The simmering tension culminated in a violent confrontation when the accused, allegedly attempting to settle scores, targeted Kallu. Amit Sapkal, the plaintiff, intervened in an effort to defuse the situation, only to face a vicious assault himself. Shehbaz Sheikh, one of the accused, brandished a sharp weapon and inflicted severe injuries on Kallu, while Amit and his friend Kasim Syed attempted to come to his rescue, only to be met with further violence from the assailants.

In a commendable display of investigative prowess, police constables Satish Chavan and Vishal Memane tracked down the accused, who were hiding on a farm in Belapur. Acting swiftly, the police laid a trap and apprehended the culprits. Among the arrested, Rocky Anthony was found to have a criminal record.

This action was taken under the guidance of Commissioner of Police Amitesh Kumar, Joint Commissioner of Police Pravin Pawar, Additional Commissioner of Police East Regional Division Manoj Patil, Deputy Commissioner of Police R Raja, Assistant Commissioner of Police Shahurao Salve, Senior Police Inspector Santosh Sonwane, and Police Inspector (Crime) Mansingh Patil, Assistant Police Inspector of the Investigation Team Dinesh Kumar Patil, Shinde, Investigating Officer Balaji Digole, Police Satish Chavan, Vishal Memane, Lavesh Shinde, Sujit Madan, Laxman Holkar, Shahid Sheikh, Santosh Bansude, and Suraj Shukla.

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