Pune’s ‘Friendship Cup’ Cricket Championship Kicks Off with Spectacular Matches (Videos)


Pune: The ‘Friendship Cup’ Cricket Championship, organised by the Punit Balan Group, commenced with a fervent display of sportsmanship as teams battled it out on the grounds of L. R. Shinde High School in Sahakarnagar on Tuesday, February 27. Inaugurated by Pune Police Commissioner Amitesh Kumar, the tournament witnessed spirited clashes between various teams, including the Guruji Talim Titans, Dagdusheth Warriors, Sai Power Hitters, Shivamudra Dholtasha, and Rangari Royals.

On this occasion, Punit Balan, Director of Punit Balan Group and Director of Manikchand Oxyrich, Janhavi Dhariwal Balan, along with chairpersons, members, activists of Ganpati Mandal and Navratri Mandals of Pune, team members of the Dhol-Tasha squads, dignitary members from the media sector, participating teams, and team players, etc., were present.

Speaking at the inauguration, Commissioner Amitesh Kumar hailed the ‘Friendship Cup’ as not just a cricket tournament but a celebration of unity and camaraderie. He underscored the significance of such events in fostering friendships and solidarity among citizens from diverse walks of life. Furthermore, he reiterated Pune Police’s unwavering commitment to maintaining law and order, urging citizens to extend their cooperation to the city police force.

Punit Balan, Director of Punit Balan Group, shed light on the tournament’s ethos, emphasising the importance of fostering bonds of friendship between activists, presidents, and office bearers of Ganeshotsav and Navratri Mandals amidst the bustling festivities of Ganeshotsav and Navratri in Pune.

Commending the work of activists, Punit Balan said, “Due to their tireless work, the celebrations in Pune are going on smoothly. This ‘Friendship Cup’ cricket tournament is organised for such friends. Our main intention behind this is that all these people should come together and experience some moments of friendship through this competition. Moreover, on the occasion of this competition, we hope that everyone should adopt a healthy and balanced lifestyle by maintaining physical health.” At this time, he also expressed his vision to expand the tournament in the upcoming years, accommodating a larger pool of participating teams.

The tournament’s opening matches witnessed exhilarating performances as teams showcased their prowess on the field. Guruji Talim Titans secured a commanding victory against Mandai Masters, with Pradeep Jori emerging as the Man of the Match for his stellar batting display. Meanwhile, the Dagdusheth Warriors clinched a nail-biting win over the Sri Ram Squad, propelled by Kapil Raut’s exceptional innings. Sai Power Hitters won the opening match by triumphing over Media Writers due to Nikhil Watne’s stellar performance.

In another gripping encounter, Shivamudra Dholtasha outclassed Garuda Strikers, with Rupak Tubaji’s all-round brilliance earning him the Man of the Match award. Lastly, Rangari Royals emerged victorious against Nadbramha Drummers, with Sujit Dhumal’s stellar contribution earning him the Man of the Match title.

Brief Results of Matches:

Guruji Talim Titans vs. Mandai Masters:

Guruji Talim Titans: 96/1 in 8 overs (Pradeep Jori 48, Swaraj Pokale 30 not out, Rishikesh Jagdale 1-21).
Mandai Masters: 61/6 in 8 overs (Atharva Ghatge 17, Omkar Joshi 15, Bhavesh Raccha 2-9, Sushil Phale 2-8)
Man of the Match: Pradeep Jori

Dagdusheth Warriors vs. Sri Ram Squad:

Dagdusheth Warriors: 87/5 in 8 overs (Kapil Raut 56 not out (27, 4 fours, 4 sixes), Abhishek Gharmalkar 14, Abhijeet Khatwate 1-9) Sri Ram Squad: 82/5 in 8 overs (Omkar Tole 32, Umakant Joglekar 25, Pravin Dhawale 2-22).
Man of the Match: Kapil Raut

Media Writers vs. Sai Power Hitters:

Media Writers: 52/5 in 8 overs (Dheeraj Dhage 13, Srikrishna Kolhe 11, Humed Khan 2-2, Nikhil Watane 1-18).
Sai Power Hitters: 54/3 in 3.3 overs (Sumit Warve 19 not out, Sanjay Kalokhe 16 not out, Gopal Gurav 2-13)
Man of the Match: Nikhil Watane

Shivmudra Dholtasha vs. Garuda Strikers:

Shivmudra Dholtasha: 112/2 in 8 overs (Rohit Khilare 32, Rupak Tubaji 36, Tushar Ambat not out 24).
Garuda Strikers: 53/8 in 8 overs (Varad Chillai 12, Kailas Kamble 10, Tushar Ambat 2-5, Rupak Tubaji 2-18, Hrishikesh Mokashi 2-13)
Man of the Match: Rupak Tubaji

Nadbramha Drummers vs. Rangari Royals:

Nadbramha Drummers: 52/5 in 8 overs (Parth D. 18 not out, Ankit Dabi 12, Sujit Dhumal 2-7)
Rangari Royals: 53/5 in 6.5 overs (Sujit Dhumal 14, Harnish Dani 15, Shubham Jain 3-9)
Man of the Match: Sujit Dhumal

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