Rahul Gandhi Gives 2 Important Suggestions to the Modi Govt. to Fight Corona


New Delhi : Former Congress president Rahul Gandhi has given many suggestions to the Modi government to fight Corona. Rahul said that to defeat Corona, we have to work on two levels. First – at the economy level and second – at the medical level. Rahul has advised the Modi government to adopt the Kerala-Wayanad model.

Rahul Gandhi said that the state governments and the district administration are fighting a real battle with Corona. The central government should help the state governments and the district administration. The number of corona patients in Wayanad has been controlled. A strategy has been carried out all over Kerala and the effect of this is now being seen.

Suggesting to the Modi government, Rahul Gandhi said that we should be prepared at the level of the economy. The grain crisis is going to come in front of the poor. In such a situation, they should be provided food. Unemployment is increasing. Government should find a solution for this. Along with this, a package should be arranged for micro-small scale industries. Also big companies should help.

Rahul Gandhi said that the corona is not ending due to the lockdown. It is only halted, as the lockdown ends, Corona cases will increase. In such a situation, we have to work out a strategy to stop the corona. Corona testing will have to be done more. Also, medical facilities will have to be increased, so that we can effectively deal with corona.

Rahul Gandhi said that financial help is not reaching those people who need money. Food crisis is there. Many people do not have ration card, so they should give food grains without ration card. Every week the poor should be given 10 kg of rice or wheat, one kg of sugar, pulses.

Rahul Gandhi said that all countries have ordered their testing kit. Testing kits are being made in prescribed numbers. Every country is demanding testing kits, so we have to find a middle way.

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