Rakul Preet Singh Rocks Comfortable Anaar Sneakers Worth 22K for Her Engagement-Find out the details now!


Rakul Preet Singh, the stunning Bollywood actress known for her impeccable style, recently made headlines with her unconventional choice of footwear for her engagement ceremony. Breaking away from traditional norms, Rakul opted for 22k Anaar sneakers by the renowned brand, Kaju Katli, known for its comfortable yet stylish footwear, especially favored by celebrities.

The sneakers, custom-designed in rose gold and deep powder blue colors to match her outfit, added a unique touch to her engagement ensemble. With intricate lace detailing and a comfortable wedge design, these sneakers not only complemented her attire but also ensured she could move freely and comfortably throughout the event.

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Rakul’s decision to wear sneakers for her engagement signifies a growing trend among brides to prioritize comfort without compromising on style. By opting for these chic yet comfy sneakers, Rakul set a new trend in bridal fashion, proving that one can look equally stunning while prioritizing comfort on their special day.

Apart from her footwear choice, Rakul’s overall look was nothing short of breathtaking. She donned a short dress with flair and feature detailing, accentuating her slender figure and adding a touch of elegance to her engagement look. Her hair, left open in loose curls, framed her face beautifully, adding a hint of romance to her appearance.

For her makeup, Rakul opted for a glamorous yet subtle look, with a focus on her eyes. She added drama to her eyes with bold eyeliner and mascara, while keeping the rest of her makeup understated with blushed cheeks and a nude lipstick. The result was a flawless and radiant bridal look that perfectly complemented her personality.

Rakul Preet Singh’s choice to wear comfortable sneakers for her engagement ceremony not only showcases her individuality but also reflects a growing trend in bridal fashion. With her impeccable style and confidence, Rakul continues to set trends and inspire brides-to-be to embrace comfort while staying true to their unique style on their special day.

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