Ruby Hall Clinic Pune | Baby having weight of 800 gm gets new lease of life at Ruby Hall Clinic


PUNE : Ruby Hall Clinic Pune | A baby was born prematurely in 26th week and it weighed only 800 gm. His organs had not developed fully. It was a challenge for the doctors to save the baby’s life. However, the baby got a new lease of life thanks to highly skilled and competent doctors of the Ruby Hall Clinic who used sophisticated equipment available in the hospital.


The baby’s brain, lungs and blood veins had not fully developed. In this situation, special care was taken of the baby for 106 days while providing the treatment. The doctors were successful in increasing the weight of the baby to 3 kg. The baby was discharged later from the hospital.


Dr Kanchankumar Ramrao Bhgyawant, new-born baby specialist at Ruby Hall Clinic, said “The most important role of the medical team was to understand any critical situation of the baby and provide treatment accordingly. Hence, the baby’s condition was being continuously monitored. It was necessary to treat the child before its condition became critical. Care was also taken that the baby does not suffer from many infections. The baby was given a special diet to ensure that its weight increases and makes up for lack of adequate nutrients.”


Challenges for medical team

Since the baby was very small, it was difficult to handle
Since veins could not be see, medicines were given through tubes
There was danger of bleeding from most sensitive veins in the brain
Possibility of infection as digestion was not possible due to lack of development of intestines

Baby had chest problems and ventilation was required. We focused on starting the ‘Kangaroo mother care’ system. Qualified nurses provided necessary nutrition and the baby’s weight was increasing constantly. The baby’s parents were counselled from time to time, were informed of treatment options, told of complications, were informed about the seriousness of the situation and were motivated from time to time. The treatment was given as per a plan and too many medicines were not given and the baby was constantly monitored, Dr Bhagyawant said.

The baby is safe now and its health is improving. The role of the medical team was very important. The right treatment given and regular monitoring of the baby proved very useful. We were able to save the baby’s life due to excellent facilities available in the hospital

Dr Kanchankumar Ramrao Bhgyawant, new-born baby specialist at Ruby Hall Clinic


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