SPPU News | Race Against Time: Pune University Completes 90-Day Exam in Just 36 Days, Faces Non-Cooperation By Professors


Pune: SPPU News | Savitribai Phule Pune University (SPPU) recently achieved a remarkable feat by completing the 90-day examination process in just 36 days. However, the university’s examination and evaluation department faced challenges due to non-cooperation from some professors and colleges, leading to delayed results. In response to the lack of cooperation, the department has initiated issuing notices to the concerned parties.

Dr. Mahesh Kakade, the Director, Board of Examinations and Evaluation, has raised an urgent question: should the focus be on delivering the students’ results on time or should time be spent in issuing notices? This query comes as the department grapples with the dilemma of prioritizing the resolution of issues at hand.

When asked whether any action will be taken against colleges that evade paper examination and delay internal assessment, Dr. Kakade asserted that the department is putting in “war level efforts” to ensure timely exam results. The university has established over 250 CAP (Centralized Assessment Process) centers to streamline the evaluation process, and the majority of colleges and professors have cooperated. However, the delay in results persists due to the laxity of a few colleges, with incomplete internal grading even after multiple extensions.

Computational grading of millions of students is indeed a challenging task, and any delay at even one college can impact the entire result declaration process. As a result, the examination department has been working relentlessly, with staff dedicating long hours till eleven o’clock at night, aiming to announce results for all important subjects by July 31.

According to the University Act, results must be declared within 45 days from the date of the examination. However, a reputed college in Pune took more than 100 days to complete the answer sheet evaluation, prompting the university to issue a show cause notice.

Notably, the responsibility of conducting examinations and evaluations lies with both the professors and the examination department. While professors cannot evade exam-related work, it has been observed that some faculty members from three law colleges in Ahmednagar district displayed laxity during the examination process. As a consequence, the examination department served notices to 12 professors, and a total of more than 150 professors are expected to be notified for their actions.

With a vast syllabus encompassing 139 subjects and catering to 6 lakh 50 thousand students, SPPU faces the daunting task of evaluating 45 lakhs of answer sheets. The department continues to strive for efficiency, emphasizing the importance of cooperation and compliance from all parties involved in the evaluation process to ensure timely results for the students.

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