Pune: Policenama online  – Jaykar Library Pune University | When one thinks of SPPU, one remembers many things like the serene atmosphere, the more than 150-year-old main building and the Jaykar Library which has been a source of knowledge for many generations. (Jaykar Library Pune University)


This is the 75th year of SPPU and the 75th year of Jaykar Library is going to start from next year. After the university was set up in 1949, the library was started in the main building in 1950. The library was started for students studying in various departments. In 1957, the library was shifted to a separate building and it was named after the first vice chancellor Barrister MR Jaykar. In 2017, the Jayakar Library was renamed as Jayakar Knowledge Resource Centre. As the university expanded, so did the library. Today, the library has a rich collection of journals, magazines, published thesis, handwritten documents, maps, e-journals, photo, e-database totalling 4.77 lakh journals. Mainly, the journals are in Marathi, Hindi and English. Literature of other languages translated in these languages is available here.


The Director of Jayakar Knowledge Resource Centre, Dr Aparna Rajendra, said that the books suggested by various departments are purchased every year. “Apart from increasing the number of books in the library, we also aim to maintain the quality of the reading material. Everything from old handwritten documents to books on artificial intelligence are available here. The university has made available national and international journals for the students. As a part of UGC’s Shodhsindhu initiative, from 2014, 14 e-journals are also made available. E-catalogue is also available for the convenience of students, Dr Aparna Rajendra said.



All postgraduate students, professors and non education staff make use of the centre. Apart from this, outsiders are also allowed to use books for reference subject to certain terms and conditions. Thousands of students make use of the library and the five-storeyed study room and 1,000 students can study in the study room.


Senior director, actor Nagraj Manjule is a former student of the university. He has said in many interviews that the Jaykar Library had played an important role in nurturing him. Not only Nagraj Manjule, but many former students, who are occupying senior positions in various fields, are connected with the university and the library.


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