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“It’s work mode on in full swing” for actress Kashika Kapoor as she shares images from her workshop of Director Prradip Khairwar’s Bollywood debut

Policenama online – Kashika Kapoor is a name that has become synonymous with success in the Bollywood industry.…

ByBynageshsuryaJan 23, 2023

Did Kashika Kapoor just confirm her Hollywood debut: Find out what’s brewing as John Cena and the actress recently followed each other

Policenama online – Are you fascinated by the latest trend of Bollywood stars doing Hollywood projects? If so,…

ByBynageshsuryaJan 19, 2023

Sajjad Delafrooz says, “I hope 2023 brings with it more peace for Iranian people, especially women who are fighting for their rights”

Policenama online – Sajjad Delafrooz | It has been months since anti-Hijab protests have been going on in Iran.…

ByBynageshsuryaJan 2, 2023
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Kashika Kapoor delivers a one take long monologue while suffering from a high fever- Reveals Insider!

Policenama online – Kashika Kapoor, who plays the titular role in her upcoming movie, Ayushmati Geeta Matric Pass,…

ByBynageshsuryaMar 1, 2023

You won’t believe WHAT Aparna Nayr did on the sets of Kanna Vich Waaliyan- Read details now!

Policenama online – Aparna Nayr | Singer Hommie Dilliwala and rapper Yo Yo Honey Singh have come together…

ByBynageshsuryaFeb 27, 2023
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