Pune-based software engineer husband lodges complaint against wife for disturbing mental health by sending porn videos

Pune: Policenama online  – Pune Crime | He was a software engineer and was not getting along with…

ByByNitin PatilJul 15, 2022

Pune Crime | Dismissed worker sets his employer on fire, both die of injuries

Pune :  Policenama online – Pune Crime | A shocking incident has been reported from Pune wherein a…

ByByShaikh SikandarApr 26, 2022

Chikhali police arrest man for raping woman

Pune : Policenama online – Pune Crime | A woman whose husband has a government job and has…

ByByNitin PatilApr 11, 2022

Highly educated woman jumps to death from 10th floor of a building due to harassment by boyfriend, husband, in-laws

Pune : Policenama online – Pune Crime | A 27-year-old highly educated woman committed suicide by jumping from…

ByByNitin PatilApr 11, 2022
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Fake Facebook account opened of 56-year-old woman; case filed against her husband

Pune : Policenama online – Pune Cyber Crime | Many incidents of opening of fake accounts of young…

ByByNitin PatilMar 5, 2022

Senior official in company rapes 31-year-old woman

Pune : Policenama online – Pune Crime | The Hadapsar police have registered a case against Rahul Kumar…

ByByNitin PatilMar 2, 2022
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