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Hadapsar police book husband, in-laws for torturing young woman in highly educated family

Pune : Policenama online – A US-based man and his parents in India have been booked for domestic…

ByByPritu RajJan 20, 2022

Pune | Couple fights over 3-year-old dispute, husband arrested for domestic violence in Pune

Pune : Policenama online  – A dispute between a couple led to the arrest of the husband in…

ByByPritu RajDec 31, 2021

If Quarreled with Wife, will Have to Stay in Quarantine for 14 Days

Pune : In view of the increasing domestic violence cases following the nationwide lockdown announcement, Pune District Council…

ByByPritu RajApr 18, 2020

Global Surge in Domestic Violence During Lockdown, UN Chief Appeals Governments to Protect Women

New Delhi : Coronavirus cases continue to increase worldwide, although fewer infections have occurred on Sunday than in the…

ByByPritu RajApr 6, 2020
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Contractors secretly listening to Google Assistant recordings: Report

San Francisco, Policenama Online – Not just your home speaker, smartphone or security camera, even third-party contractors are…

ByByPritu RajJul 11, 2019
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