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Former Shiv Sena MP Shivajirao Adhalrao Patil threatened, FIR lodged against 17 people

Pune: Policenama online  – Pune Crime | Former MP Shivajirao Adhalrao Patil has joined the group led by…

ByByNitin PatilJul 20, 2022

Pune | Man kills old father for willing to marry at 80 in Rajgurunagar

Pune : Policenama online – A man has killed his 80-year-old father by trying to slit his throat…

ByByNitin PatilJan 7, 2022

Pune Crime | Four booked for seriously injuring a man in Khed

Rajgurunagar : Policenama online – Pune Crime | Four persons have been booked for seriously injuring a person…

ByByNitin PatilDec 24, 2021

Pune Crime | Rs 2.86 lakh stolen from pick-up van in Rajgurunagar

Rajgurunagar : Policenama online –  Pune Crime | An unidentified thief stole Rs 2.86 lakh from a pick-up…

ByByNitin PatilDec 15, 2021
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