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Police Commissioner Retesh Kumaarr

Pune Crime News | Ganja worth ₹16 lakh seized from Pune station area; Two people arrested from Satara and Solapur districts

PUNE : Pune Crime News | The ANC-2 unit of Pune city police Crime Branch has arrested two…

ByBynageshsuryaMay 29, 2023

Pune Crime News | Man held for harbouring sharp weapons by selling huge quantity of charas

PUNE : Pune Crime News | A man was arrested by Unit 1 of Pune police Crime Branch…

ByBynageshsuryaMay 27, 2023

Pune Crime News | MCOCA action taken against 21 members of Irani gang; Police Commissioner Retesh Kumaarr has taken action against 25 gangs under MCOCA

PUNE : Pune Crime News | Police Commissioner Retesh Kumaarr has taken action against Kasim alias Babarburuj Irani…

ByBynageshsuryaMay 24, 2023

Pune Crime News | Wanawadi police chase vehicle thieves in filmy style and arrest them, 10 vehicles seized

PUNE: Pune Crime News | Police officials and policemen of Wanawadi police station chased vehicle robbers in a…

ByBynageshsuryaMay 22, 2023
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Pune Crime News | Self-styled journalists Hanme brothers had tried to extort money from big builder; They had demanded ₹50 lakh and two flats

PUNE: Pune Crime News | Self-styled journalists Mahesh Soudagar Hanme (47) and Dinesh Soudagar Hanme (44), both residents…

ByBynageshsuryaMay 19, 2023
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