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Modi charisma intact: Across states approval at 44.55 per cent

New Delhi: Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s charisma has remained intact in most of the states across the country…

ByByPritu RajJan 16, 2021

Facing scrutiny, WhatsApp defers new data privacy policy

New Delhi: Facing intense criticism worldwide and now a court case in India, WhatsApp has deferred its new…

ByByPritu RajJan 16, 2021

Signal app users globally experiences issues, Company gives reason of huge influx of users

New Delhi : Since the arrival of the new privacy policy of WhatsApp, millions of users were simultaneously…

ByByPritu RajJan 16, 2021

World’s biggest vaccination campaign to begin today, 3 lakh people to be vaccinated on first day

New Delhi : Taking a decisive step in the fight against the Coronavirus, which has been going on…

ByByPritu RajJan 16, 2021
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Exodus of Kashmiri Pandits: Unending wait for justice

Why is it difficult to get justice? This is a question that haunts the minuscule community of Kashmiri…

ByByPritu RajJan 18, 2021

Mithila Palkar : Strongly opinionated about the choices that I make

Mumbai: Actress Mithila Palkar says she is aware that she has the freedom to make her own choices,…

ByByPritu RajJan 16, 2021
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