Pune PMC Property Tax | Those seeking 40 per cent rebate in property tax have to fill form PT 3; Residents who give fake information will not get rebate
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PUNE : Policenama online  – Pune PMC Property Tax | As per the state government order, the 40 per cent rebate in property tax has been re-started and the revised bills will be distributed from May 15. However, those benefiting from this rebate should submit a form (PT3) to the tax department by November 15, 2023 with necessary proof that they are staying in the property. Civic officials are going to check these forms and if they find any fake information, then no rebate will be given in the property tax. (Pune PMC Property Tax)


Addl Municipal Commissioner Dr Kunal Khemanr said that according to the state government order, the 40 per cent rebate in the property tax which had been cancelled in 2018, has been re-started. The rebate will be applicable from 2019. Occupied and non occupied properties constructed before April 1, 2019 were being given a deduction of 15 per cent for repairs and maintenance and now only 10 per cent deduction will be given. The implementation will be from April 1, 2023.


The PMC has cancelled 40 per cent rebate of one lakh properties from April 1, 2019 and has charged them 100 per cent. According to a GIS survey, the rebate on old properties was cancelled from 2019. 65,000 such properties have been charged 100 per cent property tax by cancelling the rebate of 40 per cent. The tax bills of these properties of 2023-24 will be prepared by May 31. Hence, those who pay the bill in first two months are given a discount of 5 to 10 per cent. The discount now will be applicable till July 31.


Ajit Deshmukh, Deputy Commissioner, Taxation and Tax Collection Department, said, “Property owners who have paid 100 per cent tax in last four years should fill PT 3 form specifying that they are staying in their own property and submit before November 15, 2023. They have to present proof that they are staying in the house. The forms will be made applicable at PMC’s head office and they have to be submitted there. Forms submitted after November 15 will not be considered for rebate. After the forms are submitted, inspectors will check the form and submitted documents. If fake information is provided, then rebate will not be applicable.”


Addl Municipal Commissioner Dr Kunal Khemnar said, “Property owners who have paid 100 per cent tax in the last four years will be given the rebate in bills of next four years in four stages.”


Municipal Commissioner Vikram Kumar said, “To increase the income generated out of property tax, the civic body has started a unique prize programme. A lucky draw of regular tax payers will be held and they will be given attractive prizes.”


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