Truecaller developer launches Guardian, a personal safety app


The app will help users to keep a track of their loved ones 


 MUMBAI: After successfully launching the caller Id and spam blocking app Truecaller, it’s developer has launched a new app named Guardians. This new app will enable users to keep a track of their loved ones.

The Truecaller Guardians app has been launched for personal safety. Through this app, you can keep an eye on your loved ones and take care of them. This app has been launched specifically for emergency services.


Suppose you’re traveling to someplace and want your family not to worry about your safety and well-being, then all you need to do is share your location with your family, once your location is being shared your family will be able to track you and see your live location as you move throughout the journey.

It took 15 months to prepare Guardians app, it has been prepared by the India and Sweden team. The company also said that “we don’t compromise on data security; we don’t share your location with any third-party app in this case.” The company claims that the Guardian app’s data will not be shared with the Truecaller app either.

In the Truecaller Guardians app, you will be able to login with your Truecaller ID. Missed calls and OTP will be used for verification. The Truecaller Guardians app needs to be granted three permissions, including location, contacts, and phone permissions. Guardians app is completely free. Also, the company has said that advertisements will not be shown on this app.

In the next few days, there will be a shortcut button to download the Guardians app in the Truecaller app itself.

For this new app, the company is talking to the local administration itself to help people in an emergency. If needed, through the new app, you will be able to share your location with the police in an emergency, although the update has not yet come.

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