Joe Biden
Joe Biden
New Delhi : The suspense remains as to who will be the next President of America. Democratic Party candidate Joe Biden seems to be on the strong side. Pennsylvania, Georgia, North Carolina, Arizona are the four states that will decide the next President of the United States. In Pennsylvania and Georgia, Joe Biden led, but in Georgia, the votes will be counted again. Here Biden was leading ahead of Republican Party candidate and current President Donald Trump.
Georgia Secretary Brad Raffensparger said that as we are reaching the final round of counting, we can start looking at our next steps. There will be a record in Georgia. There are 16 electoral votes in Georgia. Georgia is also considered a stronghold of the Republican Party and in such a situation, Biden was leading there.
According to the American media, Joe Biden has received 253 electoral votes so far. At the same time, Donald Trump has 214 electoral votes. If the votes were not counted again in Georgia, Joe Biden would have crossed the magic figure.
Joe Biden, who garnered 253 electoral votes, was ahead of Donald Trump in Pennsylvania by nearly 9,000 votes. If he maintains this lead, he will get 20 electoral votes of the state, after which their figure will reach 273, which will surpass the magical figure of 270.
The race in Georgia was tough. Joe Biden was close to win but Trump was also close. The gap between the two was less, due to which the authorities had to take a decision to have the counting again.

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