Venezuela launches military operation against “threat” from Britain


Caracas, Dec 29 (UNI)- Venezuelan President Nicolas Maduro on Thursday ordered a “joint military action” by the Bolivarian National Armed Forces (FANB) in eastern Venezuela amid what he described as a “threat” from Britain.

The stationing of a British military ship in the waters of neighboring Guyana represents a breaking of the recent agreement Venezuela reached with the Guyanese government during the dialogue on Dec. 14, said Maduro during a New Year’s greeting speech to military personnel.

After diplomatic measures fell short, Venezuela would respond in a “proportional” manner and reserves all corresponding actions within the framework of international law, he said, adding that the British attitude was “unacceptable.”

One of the response measures implemented by the president was the immediate activation of the FANB joint military action General Domingo Antonio Sifontes 2023 in the eastern Venezuelan Caribbean and on the country’s Atlantic front.

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