Women have the capacity to reach great heights, says Abeda Inamdar


Pune: Policenama online  – Pune News | The Vice-President of Maharashtra Cosmopolitan Education Society, Abeda Inamdar, said that women should step forward to face the challenges of life while shouldering family responsibilities and they have the capacity to become highly successful and reach great heights. (Pune News)

Women journalists who have created a niche for themselves were honoured by Abeda Inamdar Women’s Education Society by presenting them with a memento.


“Women make decisions and some difficult situations may arise. However, women face these challenges with courage and they should never give up,”Abeda Inamdar said.


Women journalists who were honoured: Sonali Bhalesin, Bhayashree Jadhav, Mona Yenpure, Meenal Mhatre, Suvarna Chavan, Ashwini Satav, Amrita Prasad, Ashwini Jadhav, Deepnita Nath, Indrani Dudhgekar, Meenal Patil, Chaitrali Rajapurkar and Pratiksha Parkhi.


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